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How to pack for your move – Packing hints and tips

As your removal day looms there is one question everyone asks: ‘What have I forgotten?!” The following handy hints have been put together by our removal staff to hopefully answer this question as well as any others you may have forgotten. It will help you and our movers to have a smooth and trouble free day and it will also act as a final check list on the day before you move.

Plan, Plan, Plan

You cannot plan too much for your move. Plan what you are taking; plan where you are taking it and which room it is going. Keep essentials with you and out of the way so they don’t end up in the wrong box. Ensure you meet and greet your removals team at the door and tell them your plan too!

It’s all about protection…

Make sure everything is packed and secured. Any fragile items should be marked as so, and make sure you pack each item separately in paper and bubble wrap. Don’t forget Sheppard’s supply a full range of boxes and packing material for your move, including bubble wrap, parcel tape, export wrap etc. We can deliver these well in advance to allow you maximum time for packing.

Fill those boxes… Sensibly…

Remember fill your largest boxes with the lightest items and the smaller boxes with heavier items (such as books). This will ensure that your house contents can be moved easily and quickly. Ensure that all boxes and securely taped and make sure there are no protruding items sticking out. Any fragile or upright items should be marked clearly on the outside of the box too.

Mark up

Don’t forget to mark up your boxes in clear writing, usually 1 side and the top will be perfect. Once at your new home it may be worth marking up the doors of each room with a piece of paper (please don’t use heavy duty tape and pull off the paint!), A little bit of blue-tac will usually be fine.


As standard Sheppard’s will not dismantle or erect flat pack furniture unless previously agreed, so please ensure this is taken down before your removal team arrives. Ensure you keep all smaller items (screws etc.) in a bag and attached it to the pieces to make sure you can put it all back up! Don’t forget we can dismantle and erect furniture with prior agreement; just ask our team well in advance of your move.

Electronic Goods

We advise placing all electronic goods in their original boxes before transportation. If this is not possible anti-static packing materials are recommended and available.

White goods

We are not allowed to connect / disconnect gas, water and electricity. Please make sure your large white goods are ready to be transported before your move day. All washing machines and dishwashers should be drained and we advise cleaning fridges and freezers before moving.

Carpets and Rugs

Please make sure any carpets and rugs you are taking are rolled and secured with tape before our experts arrive.

My clothes!

Don’t worry, all of your best garments will still be kept in pristine condition and with no creases! We supply specially designed wardrobe boxes that will hang your clothes vertically while in transportation. All other clothes may be able to be left in the chest of drawers, depending on size and weight. Please check with your removal company first. If you’re unsure, pack them into a suitcase or box.

Food and drink

Ensure that all bottles and containers are secure and packed well. Any liquids should be packed in tightly so they remain upright (you can even secure the tops with cello tape). Mark the boxes with an arrow to ensure they are kept upright. Any cold or frozen goods should be marked or moved separately so they are easy to find at your new home. At no time should food or drink be placed into storage.


Unless previously agreed, all curtains, lampshades and pictures should be removed and packed before our team arrives.


Don’t forget to pack and protect your pictures, generally roll bubble wrap round a couple of times, top to bottom and secure with tape. However any paintings (especially oil or pastel) should be protected accordingly with the correct cloths to ensure that no damage or marks appear on the canvas.

Outside goods

Ensure that all rubbish is cleared out of sheds and garages for easy access to remaining items. Garden tools should be cleaned (a stiff brush is always useful) and taped together in small bundles. Any flammable liquids should not be transported and will invalidate insurance. Again the outsides and bottoms of plant pots should be cleaned, small pots should be placed in a suitable tray or box.


Don’t forget to tell your neighbours when you are moving, not only is it courteous but you can also ask them to clear areas that could be used by our vehicles to arrange easier access. The closer we can get to your home, then the quicker you will be moved in.

If this all sounds too much, then let the professionals take over. We offer a removal and packing service and more details just ask one of our friendly staff.

Going into Storage? – Storage hints and tips

So you are thinking about putting some of your belongings in storage, what are the options, what is the best way to do it?

Cairns Storage Wet Season

You may have little trouble finding a self storage facility in the area. But the first questions you should ask in our region is will the property be safe of general flooding that occurs yearly in Cairns. Don’t take the gamble in low lying areas with your prized goods and life time memories. Find a self storage facility that has a proven record in keeping above the water level in the wet season.

Long term or short term?

You may not always know how long you will be in storage for, but try to gauge if it is going to be weeks, months or years. Go for the worst case scenario if you have too and ask for quotes based on these figures. The more honest you can be to begin with, will then help avoid any un-necessary confusion during the store.

How much?

How much are you looking to store? There are many options available here and the amount of storage may be the deciding factor. Do you just have a few boxes? Or maybe you need to store nearly all of your possessions? Generally storage firm’s measure and charge space in square feet or metres. Here at Barron Mini Storage we have sheds available for small and large storage options. If it is an odd box then self storage may be adequate and better value for money. If you are talking larger amounts and furniture then a specialist storage company may be the answer. We can provide you a contact for a local company that can perform these moves. Not only for the fact that they can help you move and return your items with minimal fuss.


How often will you need access to your belongings? If there are things you know you will need, try and leave them at the front and clearly marked. If you are going to need access frequently make sure you discuss this with your storage provider and make sure they can provide you with the level of service you require? We here at Barron river storage provide a 24/7 easy access option.

Soft Furnishings

If you have Sofa’s and are storing them for a period of time try not to pack them into small spaces or lean other heavy items on cushions. After time parts can become distorted and will probably never regain their original shape. Look for a removal and storage firm have specially made covers and storage racks to ensure that all furniture is kept in separate bays, aired and in pristine condition.

Food and Drink

Never put food or drink into storage! If it goes off and affects your belongings you may not be covered by your insurance. If you are putting any food stuffs into storage, make sure you clear it with your storage provider first.

White Goods

Ensure all your white goods are cleaned; smell free and completely drained of any excess water. Damp, mildew and seizure of components can occur on machines with water left in the system, so ensure they are drained properly or you may have an expensive repair bill.

Files and Archiving

Barron River Storage can provide storage options for box files and other office equipment. These are generally larger shed with a working lane area should staff need access to archived files. Computer and electronic equipment can also be stored in special high density plastic boxes.


Barron River Storage can provide a dry cool environment that is sometimes enjoyed by uninvited geckos and roaches. Baits and monthly spraying keep most uninvited guest at bay, however the Queensland introduced Gecko can bypass these methods. We recommend the all items be covered with plastic and paintings are stored in tubes if possible.


Make sure you’re happy that your goods are safe. Barron River Storage leaves locking and padlocks to the customer, but make sure they heavy duty enough? Security cameras and local security firm checks are performed to ensure that safety and security is paramount.


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